Woman strips naked and trashes Capitec branch in Cape Town

Cape Town is the capital of South Africa. It became viral after a lady let it out in a Capitec bank in Cape Town.
The anonymous nude lady can be seen yelling at a bank adviser in the bank’s Strand branch, according to reports.

The lady can be seen crushing a phone on the ground in the 29-second footage, clothed only in sandals. Her screams can’t be heard.

As the lady proceeds to remove his working station, the male bank consultant can be seen clothed in a work uniform and going out of his cubicle.

It’s still unclear what the quarrel was over.

As clients left the bank, the lady can be seen making her way to another cubicle, where she breaks another workstation while yelling and the consultant stationed there flees.

Standing close, the consultant can be seen conversing on his phone.

Mzansi has a lot of questions after watching the video, which has gone viral and is trending on Twitter.

The bank has yet to issue a statement on the situation, but their answer on social media has been the same to everyone who has inquired about what happened.

“Hello there, we at Capitec are as confused as everyone else by this situation that occurred at the Strand branch,” Capitece said. We’re attempting to figure out what’s going on. [sic]”

@Cellular _Jnr has encouraged the bank to issue a statement and has stated that Capitec must reply to the woman.

While @CrocSclothing thought the video was not hilarious, he begged fellow Twitter users to consider what the woman may be going through to go to such lengths.

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“The capitec video isn’t humorous at all; picture her children viewing it.” Consider the amount of stress she could be under if she ends up stripping down inside the bank [sic]”.

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