Dubai – Friday 13 May 2022, the first Woman of Stature Global Awards, powered and hosted by Hadarat Global was held at the beautiful Dusit Thani Hotel in Dubai Trade Centre.

The Woman of Stature Awards is a prestigious event that recognizes the hard work and passion of female entrepreneurs and businesswomen across different industries which has now gone global. The event in Dubai was attended by local dignitaries and international guests from all corners of the globe.

The Woman of Stature Global Awards which is to be hosted annually in Dubai celebrated women in ten different categories namely: Entrepreneur of The Year, Woman in Construction, Woman in Coaching and Mentoring, Woman in Education, Woman in Engineering, Woman in Healthcare, Woman in Media, Woman in Oil and Gas, Woman in Technology and Woman in Tourism (Hospitality).

The Overall Winner Charul Jaitly, also the Woman in Technology category winner, is the first Woman of Stature Global. Charul is a Serial Entrepreneur, who endorses fearless and purposeful leadership, and an unwavering optimist. She is a Founder and Managing Partner of Mātiti Group, focusing on people, technology, sustainability, cyber and defense consulting. Her company is on a mission to enable organizations to reach their maximum potential.

”Excellence deserves formal recognition, and that is exactly what took place in Dubai. As the Founder and CEO of the Woman of Stature brand, the Foundation and Woman of Stature Awards, I could not have been prouder to stand on a global stage. I am in awe of these remarkable women who were each honored for the impact they are making in their respective countries and internationally. The Woman of Stature Award is earned and not given.

Every woman awarded on the night completed a journey from November 2021. This is a test of their commitment and endurance, to finish what they started. A true test of character and exactly what we look for in a woman of stature,” said Charlotte du Plessis. “This being the first every Woman of Stature Global Award event is a historical moment thanks to Dr Hawa Charfaray, Chief Group Executive, Hadarat Global, who selected the Woman of Stature Foundation as the Hadarat Global Awards Partner because of the strict, ethical awards adjudication and audited process.

The partnership takes the Woman of Stature brand global. The overall winner will be flown to South Africa where she is the guest of honor at the Woman of Stature South African Awards on the 11th March 2023. A prize made possible with the sponsorship by Imperial.”

The purpose of the awards it to accelerate the careers and businesses of women and although many are already prominent players in their respective communities, they have not necessarily fully developed or reached the peak of their success. This award provides many opportunities, gives them access to various platforms, helps them to develop their skills, talents, climb the ladder of success, get further faster, which they may find difficulty in doing on their own.

Woman of Stature Global Awards winners:

  • Entrepreneur of The Year – Mona Sulaiman (United Arab Emirates)
  • Woman in Construction – Mary Jane Al Mahdi (United Arab Emirates)
  • Woman in Coaching and Mentoring – Grace Quarshie (Ghana)
  • Woman in Education – Suzette Salandy (United States of America)
  • Woman in Engineering – Leela D’Souza (United Arab Emirates)
  • Woman in Healthcare – Dr. Abi Abraham (Nigeria)
  • Woman in Media – Nousheen Mukhtar (United Arab Emirates)
  • Woman in Oil and Gas – Thandi Ngxongo (South Africa)
  • Charul Chaturvedi Jaitly (United Arab Emirates)
  • Woman in Tourism (Hospitality) – Angelique Smith (South Africa)

About Woman of Stature Foundation

The Woman of Stature Foundation was formed to address the socio-economic challenges that are prevalent in South Africa, by making a valued contribution to the development of women. Women are the cornerstone of society, home-makers, and the mothers of future leaders and without them, we will have a fragile community. It is events such as the Woman of Stature Awards that raises funds to support the Woman Rise Programmes. For additional information about the Woman of Stature Foundation please visit

About Hadarat Global

Hadarat Global is based in the Middle East and has footprints in Africa and Eastern Europe. Founding Member and CEO Dr. Ahmed Al Shemeili is an official representative of the UAE in the European Union Regional Secretariat of Centres of Excellence for the CBRN Emergencies and a recipient of many Global Awards in his field of expertise and leadership. For more information about Hadarat Global,

please visit

For media inquiries please contact: Hunter Group Email:

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All You Need To Know About Grace Quarshie 

An international conference speaker and author of “I Kissed My Job Goodbye: How I went from Joblessness to Owning a Successful Business and Living a Fulfilled Life”. She is a possibility coach and helps African Women monetize their expertise, write and speak by sharing their stories to create global impact.

She has trained over 500 women to experience this through her coaching framework. From being a laid-off employee, broke, and struggling young woman, Grace’s resilience and determination have inspired a lot of women worldwide not to give up on themselves despite what they go through in life but to discover their uniqueness, overcome their fears and be who God has called them to be.  

Grace is on a mission to inspire and empower African women across the globe to overcome self-sabotage, stopping them from taking steps to create global visibility in their business, career, and personal lives.   She has been featured on Prime Radio and Television Shows, speaking on beginning an entrepreneurial journey, transformation, resilience, and restoration.

An award winner of the Woman of Stature Global Awards 2022 in Coaching and Mentoring She is passionate about helping women experience growth and seeing tangible results in their businesses and lives.

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