Woman kicked out of matrimonial home for 2 explained condoms

A 37-year-old man from Chipata’s Mchini compound has sent his wife packing after discovering two male used condoms in their matrimonial home after returning from work.

Speaking in an interview with Fyambe Media, Mr Njovu said neighbours had earlier informed him about Mwanza’s secret love relationship with Josphat Chimfwembe,also resides in the same township.
“I love my wife very much and to really believe my neighbours on what was happening was not easy.I totally dismissed the allegations because sometimes such things destroy marriages and I didn’t want to lose my wife,”he said.
Mr Njovu said that upon reaching his house from work,he went straight to the toilet to ease himself only to discover two used male condoms that were not used by him.
“I was very surprised after finding the used condoms floating in my toilet when I don’t even remember the last time I used such things,”he said.
“I became very annoyed because what she was saying was not true and I ordered her to tell me the truth or I would break all her bones as I dragged her to our matrimonial bedroom,”he said.
Mr Njovu said in the locked bedroom, his wife confessed of having an affair with her ex-lover Chimfwembe and added that two of their daughters were his.
“She disclosed that her relationship with Chimfwembe had ended after we had gotten married but as years passed,the relationship rekindled and continued under my nose,”he said.
Mr Njovu said he plans to take two of his sons with Mwanza for DNA tests to be sure that they are his children.
“I should have listened to what the people had earlier told me about my wife.I guess I loved and trusted her very much.This is what I get in return,”he said.
“This is painful but my relatives know about what transpired and will meet my in-laws to discuss divorce proceedings.I wish her[Mwanza] well,”he said.
Mr Njovu said when he went to confront Chimfwembe at his house about his affair with Mwanza,he discovered that the man had gone into hiding leaving his wife and two children behind.
And Mwanza has appealed to forgive her for breaking his heart and their marriage.
“I know I was wrong,my husband is a good man.It is the devil that led me to do what I did.I ask for forgiveness,I would be very happy if he can forgive me and take me back as his wife,”she said.

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