W/R :CCTV Footage Captures Lady Armed Robber Making Away With Over GHC 9,000

Most armed robbers and criminals arrested turn out to be males. There are however a few cases where ladies are spotted in such criminal acts but it appears the trend is changing.

The Ghana Police Service has in recent times made some arrests where females are involved. Most of them are young ladies who have the energy to genuinely work for money but have resorted to robbery and other criminal activities.

A young lady has been captured by CCTV footage making away with a huge sum of money at the Scandy’s spot in Kwesimintsim in the Western Region of Ghana.

The lady whose identity is still unknown moved with all boldness to the shop. Sarpong Ackon, who operates the shop confirms in an interview with Skyy Power FM monitored by BeaNana that when the young lady arrived at the shop, she pretended to be buying an item.

Initially, she asked the shop attendant to get her slippers but that was not part of the items sold at the shop. But the young lady had a different motive, she came for robbery. She took time and monitored affairs at the shop and realized the attendant had left to find change for another customer. This is where her robbery tactics were revealed. She moved straight to where all the money for the day had been kept and took everything.

In the CCTV Footage, the lady could be seen hiding the money packed in a rubber bag into her underwear. This was to ensure that nobody detects her moves. Soon after she took the money, the young lady moved out of the shop without any trace. According to Sarpong Ackon, the shop attendant came back and realized that they have been robbed. She moved to the shelf where the money is kept and realized everything was gone. Over GHC 9,000 made for the day was already gone.

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They played back the CCTV Footage and realized that the same lady who came to the shop to ask for slippers had robbed them. She was in a straight dress and has since not been found. The case has since been reported to the police and investigations have begun.

This is a clear case of a young desperate lady who wants to survive at all costs. She has now resorted to being a robber moving from one shop to the other robbing innocent persons of their hard-earned monies. She came to the shop without a gun, but it might get to a time where she could form a gang and begin hard core robberies. It is up to the police to ensure that the young lady is arrested as soon as possible to face the laws of the country accordingly. Residents in Kwesimistim are yet to detect the real identity of the lady. Most of them believe that she could not be an indigene of the area.



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