Voice and video calls on Messenger now have end-to-end encryption.

Facebook adds end-to-end encryption to voice and video calls on Messenger

End-to-end encryption for phone and video calls has been added to Facebook’s Messenger app, as well as additional controls for vanishing messages.

On August 13th, the social media behemoth unveiled the security feature.

“People expect safe and private messaging apps, and with these new capabilities, we’re providing customers greater discretion over how private they want their calls and chats to be,” Ruth Kricheli, Messenger’s Director of Product Management, wrote in a blog post.

What is the purpose of end-to-end encryption in Messenger?

End-to-end encryption ensures that only the recipient and sender can see messages and communications. Facebook can’t read, listen to, or see what app users email each other because of the encryption.

Even if messages are encrypted, users can still report them to Facebook.

Facebook has changed the choices for its disappearing chat message feature at the same time.

Users now have more options for how long a message will remain visible before disappearing. They have the option of selecting times ranging from five seconds to 24 hours.

Voice and video calls, according to Facebook, have grown in popularity over the last year.

The software is used to make over 150 million video calls per day.

Meanwhile, Facebook has said that it will test a number of different encryption features for its apps in the coming weeks.

It will test Messenger’s end-to-end encrypted group chats and calls. It will also put end-to-end encryption for Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) to the test.

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