|Video| Woman goes naked and curses her Boyfriend for dumping her

A video has appeared online showing a lady stripping down to her underwear, dragging her butt on the floor, and cursing her lover having dumped her.

According to several Ghanaian local news outlets, in some tribes in the West African country, women who walk nude and drag their butts on the ground receive immediate retaliation from “the gods,” who punish the cursed person severely.

The ‘curse she pronounces is irrevocable and has grave consequences for those who are affected.’
The lady can be heard stating in the video, “You thought I am a fool, you will never see peace. You can never take me for a fool.”

“She put on her shorts after executing her little revenge routine.”

Watch Video Below

Some are of the view she is mentally unstable other also think otherwise .Lets wait and see how the story unfolds

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