Tussle between Sosu and Police play out in court today

Francis-Xavier Sosu, the Madina MP, is scheduled to appear in court today in connection with a rally he organized in his Madina constituency.

The beleaguered MP is expected to appear in court to defend himself against the accusations leveled by the Ghana Police Service.

After all, attempts to arrest the MP for his alleged violation of the law failed, the police obtained a criminal summons against him.

On October 25, the MP organized a demonstration by some of his constituents over the constituency’s inadequate roads.

When police sought to arrest the legislator, accusing him of obstructing a roadway and ruining public property, the demonstration got violent.

The Madina MP, Francis-Xavier Sosu, has claimed that police attempted to arrest him at a church service on Sunday.

The police, on the other hand, have refuted the accusation, claiming that the officers were visiting the chapel to gather intelligence.

Meanwhile, even before the Privileges Committee begins hearings on the contempt case against the two senior officers, Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has expressed his displeasure with attempts by the Police to ignore his earlier instruction to bring charges against the Madina MP.

The activity of the police, according to the Speaker, is not only a breach of the Constitution, but also deceptive.

The MP’s legal battle with the Ghana Police Service is scheduled to go to court.

The MP has been issued with court papers, according to the police, and they expect him to appear.

During the demonstration, the politician is accused of obstructing a road illegally and harming public property.

The MP is expected to appear in court, according to the police.

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