The lack of structures is impacting the quality of Ghanaian films — McBrown

Nana Ama McBrown, a well-known Ghanaian movie actress, has stated that the cinema business in Ghana is stagnant owing to a lack of institutions and a suitable regulating agency to control the sector.

McBrown told Nana Aba Anamoah on Starr Chat on Wednesday that, unlike their Nigerian counterparts, who are well-structured with government initiatives, the situation in Ghana is different.

According to her, Ghana’s movie players have been left unregulated, resulting in a mushroom movie producer condition in the industry.

“Since I started, it’s been an independent work, with independent producers, and even when we had a board and everything, I’d say it wasn’t very active.” Many films would not have been released if it had been operating at the time because the buildings from the top were not present.

“Right now in Ghana, anyone can pick up a camera, call the shots, and claim to be the producer.” However, YouTube has become the ultimate sales channel, and everyone would place it there. We have other options, such as Netflix, since we started telling our tales incorrectly,” she revealed.

McBrown argued that with a proper administrative system in place, Ghanaian stories may be conveyed successfully in films in order to attract an international audience.

“Everyone was in it for the money.” We were not concerned with how we would market Ghana, but rather with how we might fill our pockets, particularly those of the producers. People like us were learning on the field, so it was a learning experience from the start. Until we got to a stage we realized that this is how we are going to tell the story differently,” she narrated.

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The actress underlined that the Ghanaian film business is still in shambles because independent producers remain in charge.

“It’s quite pricey,” Mcbrown remarked, “so every now and then you’ll see a decent movie.”

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