The father of three South African girls slain in New Zealand has returned home.

According to The New Zealand Herald, Graham Dickason, the father of the three daughters allegedly slain by their mother in New Zealand, has returned to South Africa.

Dickason returned to South Africa last month, according to the article.

According to reports, after coming home, Dickason has shared photos of himself camping and braaing on Facebook.
Before relocating to Australia, the Dickasons worked as doctors in Pretoria.

Lauren, 40, is accused of murdering their three kids in September at their Timaru home.


After the murders of six-year-old Liané and two-year-old twins Maya and Karla, she is presently facing three accusations of murder.

Lauren is set to appear in Christchurch’s High Court on Friday, according to the magazine. She has pleaded not guilty to all allegations, and her trial has been scheduled for 2023.

Justice Cameron Mander allegedly demanded that Dickason submit written notice of her not guilty pleas during her most recent court appearance, allowing legal representative Kerryn Beaton QC to enter the pleas on her behalf on Friday, according to Stuff.

Dickason was an orthopaedic surgeon at Timaru Hospital, and the family had recently emigrated to New Zealand. Dickason stated he had forgiven their mother a few days after he discovered his children dead when he returned home from work.

Dickason is allegedly not anticipated to return to New Zealand in time for his wife’s court hearing on December 17th.


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