YouTube is working on a subscription package called “Premium Lite.”

YouTube is working on a ‘Lite’ version of its Premium membership plan, which will have ad-free viewing but fewer other features.

A ResetEra user in the Netherlands discovered the option while trying to cancel their YouTube Premium subscription on August 1st.

Following that, YouTube told The Verge that it was working on a new service.

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The new subscription model is being tested in various Nordic nations as well as the Benelux region, which includes Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

The package costs 6.99 Euros, according to a company spokeswoman. A YouTube Premium plan costs roughly 11.99 Euros in Europe.

What might be included in YouTube Premium Lite?

On the YouTube app, Premium Lite includes ad-free viewing. This includes apps for Android and iOS, as well as smart TVs and video gaming consoles.

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Other Premium services, such as background playback and offline downloading, are not included. It also excludes YouTube Music features such as ad-free listening.

The current Lite plan is in an experimental phase, according to YouTube, which did not disclose when it might be accessible in additional countries.

It also stated that, based on public feedback, it will roll out more subscription plans.

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