Storm Brewing for Home Affairs official who aided Bushiri’s escape, Mashaba demands treason charges

The firing of the head of Home Affairs in connection with the Bushiri scandal has sparked a lot of debate. Herman Mashaba, the leader of Action SA, is one of many who has spoken out, requesting that Ronney Marhule, the guy who requested that Bushiri be granted a passport, be charged with treason.

The agency has dismissed Marhule with immediate effect for recommending permanent residency permits for Shepard Bushiri and his family. “Dismissal is not enough, Minister [of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi]. “Treason must be charged against this official,” Mashaba stated.

Minister, dismissal will not suffice. Treason charges must be brought against this officer. According to the Department of Home Affairs, Marhule was found guilty of two charges of misconduct connected to dishonesty and negligence after a nearly year-long disciplinary hearing. Marhule had already attempted to halt the disciplinary process three times before the labor court and the Labour Appeals Court.

“The first count pertained to recommending approval of Bushiri, his spouse, and two children’s permanent residence permit applications,” the government stated. “The second count related to recommending approval of Mohamed Afzal Motiwala and Fatima Ebrahim’s permanent residence permit applications.” Marhule displayed no regret at all, according to the chairperson of the court, and the confidence between employer and employee had been damaged and could not be repaired.

This comes after Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Home Affairs, stated that his department is dedicated to promoting clean administration. “The conclusion of this disciplinary case will help us go closer to putting an end to the system’s improper procedures and choices by home affairs authorities.” We are cracking down on all types of anomalies in domestic relations wherever we find them.”

Mashaba chastised Dr Motsoaledi after Bushiri fled the nation, but the minister insisted his department was not to blame and instead pointed to the country’s porous borders, calling it a “common course.” “Your own government’s refusal to safeguard our borders and deal with illegal immigration is harming us,” Mashaba remarked.

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