Spotify has launched a new feature called “What’s New.”

Spotify has introduced a new “What’s New” feature that provides users with a tailored feed of new or hot song releases based on their listening habits.

The feed will function similarly to the usual feed on social networking apps like Instagram and Facebook, with real-time updates.

“What’s New also contains filters that let you sort for new music releases or new podcast and show episodes, making it easier to locate what you’re looking for,” the firm stated in a statement today.

They went on to say that over 50,000 hours of music are uploaded to Spotify every day (over 18 million in a year), and that the What’s New feature is designed to make it easier for consumers to find the music they like.

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Spotify is already well-known for its unique recommendation algorithm, which is based on a user’s listening habits. The company’s algorithm will be used to power the What’s New feature.

Every user’s What’s New feed will be supplied largely with new releases from artists they already follow, but you can expand your feed by following new artists on the app.

Some Android and iOS users have already gotten the new function, and Spotify claimed it would be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

What’s New will be accessible via a new “bell” icon on the Spotify mobile app’s home screen, which will display a blue dot when a new release is ready.

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