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Willy Lubisi, best known by his stage name SculpturedMusic is a South African DJ and producer. He is from Spruitview, in the east of Gauteng.

Since he was sixteen years old, He has been attracted by the art of music composition, and the Spruitview native has been making house tunes since then.

His soulful to jazzy deep house beats are known for calming the soul. With chart-topping singles like “Fast Lane” with Zano, his highly acclaimed first album “Brighter Days” became an instant classic among dance music enthusiasts.

He broke through with the publication of his sophomore album, “BreathAgain,” in 2016. He changed with the times in 2018 with his breakout compositions “OverFlow,” “Sing My Blues,” and “SadToThink.”

“SadToThink” rumbled house music dance floors across South Africa, winning him the award of “Best Producer of 2019” at Dance Music South Africa. He continues to explore and learn as he goes, and music is limitless to him.


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