I won’t Think Twice About Sacrificing My Parent For Riches – Young Man Says [Video]

I won’t Think Twice About Sacrificing My Parent For Riches. A young man who is tired of all the suffering of life has in a video making waves on social media been heard making some very shocking revelation about how far he is willing to go just so he can be able to get the money.

According to the young man whose name is yet to be identified he is willing to kill his parents so he can be able to enjoy all the luxuries of the world without thinking twice about it.

The person who was recording the video at a point asked if he would do it even if it was just for three months and he shockingly revealed that he would do it because life without money is hell.

He further revealed that he would use his friend also if he avails himself and compensates his family when the number comes.

Watch the video below:


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