Polytank Prices in Ghana

Polytank Prices in Ghana 2022

Polytank Prices in Ghana

Water is life, as is a phrase heard in every home. Water is a vital component of our daily lives. The lack of water in our homes and workplaces makes life extremely difficult for us. In Ghana, we primarily rely on one source of water, which is either the Barekese and Owabi supply (consumptive water for the Kumasi Metropolis), the Weija (supply water for Accra), or the Nawuni (which supplies water in and out of the Tamale Metropolis) on the rivers Densu, Volta, and Offin.

As a result, prudent water storage has become critical. Almost every home in Ghana stores water in some form or another. People also collect rainwater for personal use.

A poly tank is the most effective way to store water. When it comes to purchasing a rainwater tank, you must select a specific model type. If you have plenty of open space on your property, a large round water tank might suffice. If you don’t have a lot of space, a smaller poly tank or two joined together might be a better option.

Poly tanks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. If you are unsure of the size and shape that will work best in your home, experts can come around and measure the dimensions of where you want to put your tank and get you the correct one.

This article will cover a variety of poly tanks from Polytank Ghana Limited, one of Ghana’s most well-established poly tank companies.


Polytank is Ghana’s leading and largest plastic manufacturing company. Polytank, which was founded in 1992, was the first to introduce large rotational moulded water storage tanks into Ghana.

Polytank Ghana Limited has many “firsts” in products such as dustbins, traffic cones, promotional kiosks, industrial containers, plastic septic tanks, and plastic pallets.

Polytank Ghana Limited is the largest and most successful manufacturer of water tanks and other containers such as dustbins, multi-purpose bins, biodigesters, septic tanks, mobile toilets, pallets, fish farming tanks, industrial trolleys, road barriers, poly kiosks, flower pots, and many others. Polytank Ghana Limited contributes significantly to water storage by providing Ghanaians with long-lasting and low-cost water tanks.

Polytank Ghana Limited was the first company in Ghana to introduce large movable water tanks. They are a forerunner in the plastic water storage tank industry not only in Ghana but throughout Africa.

Polytank Prices in Ghana 2022

Polytank Rambo Series

Price: 195.00 – 24,820.00

Rambo poly tanks are long-lasting plastic containers that are primarily used for water storage. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so there’s a Rambo tank for whatever amount of water or liquid you need to store. At Polytank Ghana, we offer the best prices for the various Rambo series models ranging from Rambo 20, 100, and 30,000.

Sumo Tank

Sumo Tank

Price: 540.00 – 1,525.00

Sumo tanks of the highest quality for water storage. Our tanks are built to last a very long time. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your specific requirements.




Hippo Tank

Hippo Tank

Price: 890.00 – 3,015.00

Hippo tanks for water storage that are high-quality, long-lasting, and reasonably priced. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your specific requirements.




Nano Tank

Nano Tank

Price: 85.00 – 140.00

With this price guide, you can budget for the type of Polytank you want to buy if you want to buy one. Because the prices of the listed Tanks are not fixed, they are subject to change.

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