Police Hunts For Pregnant Woman’s Killer

THE ASHANTI Regional Police are hunting to a 40-year-old man who fatally stabbed his three-month-pregnant wife.

The culprit, identified as Maxwell, was believed to have committed the heinous murder solely because he suspected Betty, his wedded wife, of cheating.

Maxwell allegedly stabbed defenseless Betty many times in front of their six-year-old daughter, according to eyewitnesses.

Betty was claimed to have screamed that Maxwell was murdering her, drawing the attention of the other residents of the house.

The culprit was claimed to have fled their Nyankyerenease leased home after killing Betty on Saturday evening, fearing for his life.

The body has subsequently been put in the mortuary, and local police have been alerted to the case and are on the lookout for the ‘wicked’ killer.

The security operatives were progressively closing in on Maxwell, who was still on the run, according to a police source who requested anonymity.

Residents in the area were taken aback by the incident, as the couple had lived happily for a long period.

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