Ogidi Brown cautions Fameye not to sing the music he made on any stage.

Ogidi Brown cautions Fameye not to sing the music he made on any stage.

Only a week after smoking the peace pipe, Ogidi Brown and Fameye are neck and neck. Fameye has been barred from claiming any song or video created under OGB Music, according to Ogidi Brown.

Fameye and his own record company, Fameye Music, released a statement on July 19, 2021, officially canceling his contract with Ogidi Brown’s OGB Music. Both parties have reached an amicable arrangement and have agreed to part ways, according to the statement. They would also continue to support each other in their various endeavors, according to the statement.

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A recent post on Ogidi Brown’s Facebook page contradicts this. This latest move was apparently prompted by a YouTube alert showing Fameye claiming copyrights to music videos created during his time at OGB Music. Fameye could be claiming the monetary value of those films or receiving analytics on them as a result of this.

Furious at the news, Ogidi Brown has issued a warning to Fameye. He penned,

@fameye_music Never try to claim the songs and videos I produced for you else you will see another side of me. I swear, my brother, go in peace. Never even sing the song I produced for u on any platform. This is the last message for you. Ungrateful, next will be action.”

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