New Rumored PS5 Digital Edition Will Be Lighter Than The Original

PS5 Digital Edition Will Be Lighter Than The Original

The Sony PS5 console was launched towards the end of 2020, but it seems that Sony could already be working on a new model. No, we’re not talking about the PS6t (although we wouldn’t be surprised if they were planning it already), but instead this will be a refresh of the current PS5 Digital Edition model

This is according to the official product manual for the console that was discovered by @Renka_schedule on Sony’s Japanese PlayStation website. Based on this manual, it sounds as if Sony is working on refreshing the current PS5 Digital Edition and it seems that some of the changes Sony is making under the hood will result in the new model being 300g lighter.

The original Digital Edition comes in at a weight of 3.9kg, but this new model is said to be 3.6kg, meaning that Sony has shifted some things around inside of the console and removed certain components to help it become lighter, although we can’t be sure what kind of changes they made.

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Sony CFO Hiroki Tokoi did state earlier this year that they are looking at ways to address the current global semiconductor shortage, such as redesigning the console, so maybe this new model could be that redesign Tokoi was talking about.

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