Mr. Lexx Gives Update On His Recovery

Mr. Lexx Gives Update On His Recovery

Mr. Lexx, a dancehall artist, posted a video on Instagram this morning in which he is laying on a hospital bed while being attended by a medical professional. According to the post, people are implying that the treatment is the result of smoking.

He posted the following comment this morning: “Just going to leave this here for my friends who smoke.” I’m not telling you what to do, but I wouldn’t want you to go through this. Every 12 hours, a new set of needles and medication is administered. Imagine your pain, Cyah. Dam.”

Mr. Lexx’s post has received over 14,000 views and 700 comments, with members of the entertainment industry and fans offering words of support and encouragement to the artiste.

Here are some reactions:

Mr. Lexx recently underwent emergency surgery at Andrews Memorial Hospital. Mr. Lexx was rushed to the hospital after only ten minutes of his performance, where the medical team discovered that his right lungs had collapsed.

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