Lady slumped and died while dancing in church [Video]

When one of the participants slumped and died, what was intended to be a wonderful event for some dancing church youngsters became tragic.

The victim was one of three young ladies who were performing choreography in church under the supervision of a senior pastor.

The viral video caught the precise moment the young girl became tired and fell in front of the crowd.

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As if her fall wasn’t bad enough, the choreography leader instructed his followers to keep dancing as other ladies attended to their fellow dancers.

A TikTok user who seems to be the victim’s sister provided an update on the girl’s health, saying she did not survive.

She went on to say that her sister was unwell, but that it was nothing major and that she was alright. She went on to say that she awoke immediately after collapsing in church, but that she fainted again minutes later.

Doctors blamed her death on repeated cardiac arrests, which she claims may have been avoided if she had been transported to the hospital as soon as she awoke.

The event has sparked outrage on social media.

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