Man Commits Suicide After Been Sodomised By Another Man

LUSAKA-(MaraviPost)-A Lusaka man has committed suicide out of shame after he was allegedly raped by another man whom he met in a bar.

The story was shared by his friend Ashlee Nyirenda who said narrated that his friend met the guy at a bar through sharing a table.

When they clicked, they exchanged numbers and started doing business together and had a couple of times celebrating the successes of the business.

“One particular night he invited the same guy over because they were both too drunk, later on, that night my friend’s roommate woke up to a sound of a struggle,” he said.

He added; “He found my friend’s head pinned to a pillow whilst his business partner was sexually abusing him.”

He then managed to get the guy off him and kicked him out of his house but was left with the embarrassment and resorted to taking his own life.


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