Lolli Native Officially Joins Emtee Records

Emtee Records has officially signed Lolli Native. Lolli Native has inked a deal with Emtee Records, making her the label’s first artist. The collaboration has now been certified after all of the documentation has been signed. This may come as a shock to fans, as Lolli Native has appeared to be signed to the label for quite some time. This does not appear to be the case, though. Lolli Native was first presented to Emtee’s fans in June of last year when he advised them to keep an eye out for her. Lolli Native’s position at the label is now secure, as he has signed on the dotted line and there is documentation. This is also a proud occasion for the head of the record label, as it shows that his company is expanding.

Lolli Native

Flash iKumkani was originally affiliated to Emtee Records, however, he claimed earlier this year that he did not sign any deal with the label and was no longer associated with them. If Emtee’s recent tweets are any indication, this has left a sour taste in his mouth. Emtee stated that he is fine with Flash iKumkani leaving the label, although he does not understand why. “Ya, we’re cool, but I’m not cappin at the same time,” he said in response to a fan who inquired if he was cool with Flash. Lolli Native has persevered, and the future of their business relationship appears to be bright; they are putting in the effort, and the benefits are visible.

Photographs of the event were uploaded on both performers’ social media profiles, and based on their captions, everyone appears to be in good spirits. As he shared the happy news with his followers, Emtee congratulated Lolli Native on the relocation. Fans may also expect more music from Emtee’s signee in the future.

Lolli Native is currently working on his debut album, Bayaziwa, which was produced by Knifebeatz and Emtee.
Emtee mentioned in a recent interview with Drum Magazine that he has big plans for his record label. “My vision is to assist with the discovery of new talent, and I’d like to specialize in sports management.” Perhaps sign a few pro athletes to Emtee Records as their media agency, and then own a union to represent all creatives on our continent.”

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