Let her reach orgasm and you’ll know every woman loves s3x – Uncle Ebo Whyte to men

James Ebo Whyte, the Artistic Director and Lead Writer at Roverman Productions, believes that some men believe their spouses do not enjoy sex is incorrect.

He feels that the real issue is men’s failure to bring their spouses to orgasm.

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When I hear a man remark, “My wife isn’t interested in sex,” I chuckle and respond, “No, I don’t know any woman who isn’t interested in sex.” He clarified, “What you should say is that my wife does not enjoy having sex with me, not that she is not interested in sex.”

On JoyNews’ AM Show on Friday, the dramatist, also known as Uncle Ebo Whyte, was discussing his latest book, “Let’s Talk About Sex,” and suggested males share the guilt.

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“If you are not bringing her to orgasm, if you are not allowing it to occur in the complete context of the relationship, then women begin to feel used,” he stated.

Mr Whyte went on to say that it’s much worse if she believes the man’s actions are meaningless to him, “because he’s doing the same thing with Adwoa, he’s doing the same thing in town with Ama.”

As a result, he believes that “if children were created through decent sex, a lot of couples would be childless, since sex in a lot of marriages is porous, and very often it is the male who has released, discharged, or ejaculated, while the woman is left high and dry.”

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Uncle Ebo Whyte also mentioned that when it comes to sex, women’s thinking differs from men’s, and “I think what guys don’t understand is that sex is tied to everything else for women.”

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