Kwame Isotopes changing Social Media Marketing Narrative in Ghana

As we all know, digital marketing is slowly but steadily gaining traction in Africa, particularly in Ghana. Digital marketing has several sub-branches, with Social Media Marketing being one of the most complex.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, to mention a few, are all examples of social media marketing.
Ghana is lucky to have one of its own, Kwame Isotopes, who has perfected the profession of social media marketing.

Kwame Isotopes, whose actual name is Donkor Kwame Alfred, is dominating social media with his excellent grasp of strategy and methods for gaining followers. It has piqued the interest of many Ghanaians. People are baffled as to how he accomplishes it.

Kwame Isotopes

Kwame Isoptopes, with his skills, can help you develop your page to 100k followers in a week, so imagine the results you’ll see in a month.

In a brief interview with, Kwame Isotopes stated that he has always been a genius when it comes to marketing and social media development in general.

He thought about it, researched it, and observed how simple it is to attract followers and reach a wide audience in the least amount of time.

He also added that his doors are always open to teach anyone who aspires to study and become an expert on their own.

Apart from being a genius in the field of social media development, Kwame Isotopes is also a blogger.


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