I’m the Ghanaian music’s lighthouse-Akwaboah

Highlife sensation Akwaboah has declared himself the “Lighthouse of Ghana Music” ahead of the release of his highly anticipated “Lighthouse” album.

When asked about the meaning behind the album’s title, he explained that “Lighthouse” is a metaphor for his personal importance in Ghana’s music industry. Akwaboah says he’s placing himself as the direction for good authentic Ghanaian music, similar to the directional relevance of a Lighthouse.

Similarly, he sees the Lighthouse’s durability as a sign of how timeless and relevant his music will be.

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Lighthouse Album is an opportunity for the artist to show off his abilities as a holistic artist, according to him. Highlife, Afrobeat, Afro-Soul, Afro-Pop, and Lovers Rock will all be featured on the album.

One popular belief is that Akwaboah does not always receive the credit he deserves as an artist. He claims, however, that he has never doubted his ability, and that, like the Lighthouse, his significance will last for decades.

Akwaboah has already released his first single, dubbed “Ensesa,” which is currently charting. ‘Ensesa’ is a highlife song with Afro-soul overtones and a stunning sax performance by Steve Bedi.

According to him, he has already established himself as a Highlife genius, and the Lighthouse album has provided him with the opportunity to exhibit his musical prowess. ‘Every song on this album will stand the test of time.’

If the response to “Ensesa” is any indication, the Lighthouse Album will provide fans with an incredible musical experience.

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