How well do you know the Art Centre ( now Centre for National Culture-Accra)

How well do you know the Art Centre

Are you aware the Art Centre isn’t the market (where the artifacts/ clothing/ painting/ sculpture etc) are sold (an attachment that came later) but a complete institution that must promote and support every aspect of Art in Accra and culture inclusive?

Are you aware that the Art Centre was designed to manage the entire Art spectrum (fine & performing arts—the reason it’s not called ‘Theatre Centre’ but Art Centre)?

Are you aware the Art Centre is designed to host film screening (i.e has cinema properties)?

Are you aware the Art Centre has a studio (ran down currently due to mismanagement)?

Are you aware the Art Centre has the only National Gallery for fine artists—painters, Sculpturers, metallurgists, etc in Accra?

Are you aware the Masters & Madams of Ghanaian theatre/stage—David Dontoh , Dzifa Gomashie, Ednam Atatsi, Solomon Sampah among others developed their art/acting skills at the Art Centre?

Are you aware the Art Centre has a standard auditorium and an open air Theatre ( also standard and better than any Open Air Theatre in Accra including those of Alliance Francais, Goethe Institute, +233, mention)?

Are you aware the Art Centre, because it’s been neglected after the first regime of the 4th Republic is the reason our ‘Arts industry’ is in disarray and messed up (bitter truth)?

Are you aware that if we have a well defined ‘Theatre concept’ as a nation ( as perceived by Dr. Ibn Abdallah & team—those who behind the birthing of the National Theatre), the starting point for theatre practitioners should be the Art Centre before graduating to the National Theatre of Ghana?

Well, if you ever thought that the Art Centre is the market centre where the Art works are sold, then truth is; you have been wrong all these while.

Below are pictures from the Art centre where the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Ghana (Hon. Joseph Owusu) was the Special Guest of Honour.

Why not renovate this all-important facility for artists/es and invest in it if indeed, we have good plans for the Art sector?

Let’s keep the breath of the Art Centre alive: patronize events there; host your events there. The space there are better than most event spaces in Accra.

Let’s Save the Art Centre! Now!

Oswald Okaitei
(Poet/Playwright/Arts Activist)

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