How To Use SwiftKey Cloud Clipboard to Copy/Paste Between Android and PC

SwiftKey, Microsoft’s keyboard program, now has a new function that allows you to copy and paste text across Android phones and PCs. Copying text across devices is a pain, and while there are a few options, one of which is to email the text to oneself, it takes time and many steps.

SwiftKey was purchased by Microsoft in 2016 for a quarter of a million dollars. The keyboard app has a number of useful features, including voice typing and swiping, which allows users to drag their fingers around the keyboard rather than touching individual keys.

It also contains a very accurate predictive text function that was created by studying how a user enters. The keyboard has been owned by the tech giant since its purchase.

Cloud Clipboard is the most recent new feature, and it’s included in the most recent version of the SwiftKey app. Because the Cloud Clipboard capability is not accessible on iOS, copying text between the phone and the PC requires an Android phone.

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The PC must be running Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later, according to Microsoft. The SwiftKey app must be updated to the newest version before the function can be activated, so check for an update on the Play Store. To use the functionality, launch the keyboard app and go to the settings menu and pick “Rich input.”

Then go to ‘Clipboard’ and switch on the ‘Sync clipboard history to the cloud’ option. It may display as ‘Sync clipboard history’ on some devices. Users will be prompted to sign in using their Microsoft account or create one if they do not already have one.

The next step is to enable Clipboard synchronization on your Windows PC. To do so, put ‘Settings’ into the search box, then choose ‘System,’ then ‘Clipboard’ from the left pane. After that, turn on the ‘Sync across devices’ toggle. It’s also a good idea to check the box that reads ‘Automatically sync text that I copy.’

SwiftKey: Copying And Pasting Is A Breeze

It’s simple to copy text from the user’s Android phone to their Windows PC. When you copy text or a link to your computer, it will show in the clipboard on your keyboard.

It’s worth noting that just the most recent text copied will appear on the clipboard, and it’ll only be there for an hour before it goes. By hitting the ‘Windows + V’ shortcut, which brings up the clipboard, users may access text copied from their phone on their PC. The clipboard on the PC will show the copied text from the phone.

Users of Windows and Android smartphones will like Microsoft’s Cloud Clipboard capability for its SwiftKey software. Although it is restricted to text, it is simple to set up and does not involve the installation of any other software or apps. The data that is copied is also encrypted. Other third-party clipboard solutions exist that allow users to copy not only text but also pictures across devices. Users who want to copy and paste both can utilize the OnePlus Clipt app.

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