How to setup remote play on your Xbox Series X|S

You’re not alone if you’ve just set up your shiny new Xbox Series X and can’t figure out How to setup remote play on your Xbox. Unfortunately, the Xbox app has a design problem (in my opinion) that keeps showing your other Xbox console on the main screen. Fortunately, configuring your Xbox Series X to show up by default so you can use the remote play function quicker is a quick fix.

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How to setup remote play on your Xbox

Check device remote’s settings for features:

First, make sure your Xbox Series X|S console’s remote features are turned on. You should be fine to go if you followed the setup instructions, but it never hurts to double-check. To access remote features, go to Settings > Devices & connections > Remote features.

How to setup remote play on your Xbox
How to setup remote play on your Xbox

You should be good to go if Enable remote features is checked. You can also perform a remote play test to confirm that your console is correctly configured.

How to setup remote play on your Xbox
How to setup remote play on your Xbox

Access to your console is something else you’ll want to adjust. The console will accept connections from any device by default. Select Xbox app options in the same panel (Settings > Devices & connections > Remote features) and change it to Only profiles signed in on this Xbox.


Setting Up the Xbox App (Android)

If you select the console streaming option, your old Xbox One console will most likely appear. If this is the case, tap the X on the Xbox that appears. Press the library button on the right hand side of the menu once that part has slid away.


You’ll see your current Xbox and a hint of a tile displaying your Xbox Series X|S on the next screen. To access your new Xbox, swipe to the left and click it. From the bottom, the Series X selections will move up.


Close the box and press the house key to return to the home screen. You should now see your Series X console when you click the console streaming button!


That’s all there is to it! If you performed the simple instructions above, you should now be able to view your Series X|S console in the Xbox app whenever you pick the console streaming button.


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