How to Make Dreidel Cake Pops

Making dreidel cake pops is a wonderful Hanukkah ritual, and spinning a dreidel is a delightful Hanukkah custom as well. You may play with the cake pops, which resemble dreidels and have four sides, each with a different Hebrew letter. Everyone, on the other hand, will choose to consume them.

What You Will Require to make Dreidel Cake Pops

  1. White or yellow cake
  2. Knife
  3. Vanilla frosting
  4. 1-inch scoop
  5. Blue candy melts
  6. Vegetable shortening
  7. 6-inch treat sticks
  8. White fondant
  9. Fondant roller
  10. Knife
  11. Blue candy decorating pen
  12. Edible adhesive
  13. Small paintbrush

  1. Make a cake from scratch or from a box. Use a yellow cake box mix to make your cake. Remove the browned edges and top pieces with a knife when it has cooled. (Eat them while creating the cake pops.) By utilizing only the inside of the cake, your cake pops will have a more consistent appearance and texture.

2. Cake should be crumbled
The cake is next crumbled into little pieces in a basin using your fingers, which should be clean.


3. Combine the shredded cake and the frosting in a mixing bowl.
Toss the crushed cake with two heaping teaspoons vanilla frosting. Instead of creating my own frosting, you may buy a tub from the supermarket.


Combine the frosting and cake until it resembles cookie dough. If you need to add extra frosting, do so in one-teaspoon increments while you mix. To firm up the mixture, place it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.


4. Mixture should be shaped
With the 1-inch scoop, remove portion of the cake mixture. Using a scoop will help you manufacture uniformly sized dreidels.


Using your fingers, form the mixture into a rectangular prism, smoothing the sides on the surface.


Pinch one end to make it pointed like a dreidel’s bottom.

pointy end

Put the dreidels on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze for 15 minutes.


5. Prepare the Candy Melts

Pour a package of blue candy melts into a microwave-safe dish while the dreidels are cooling in the refrigerator.

candy melts

Microwave the candy melts for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each round in the microwave. To thin it down, add two tablespoons of vegetable shortening to the candy melts. The candy melts should drop from a spoon that has been dipped in it.

melted candy

6. Prepare the Handle

Dip a 6-inch treat stick in the candy melts for approximately a half-inch.

treat stick

Take the dreidels out of the fridge. In the top of a dreidel, place the dipped candy stick. When the candy surrounding the stick cools, it solidifies and locks the treat stick in place.

locked stick

To make the cake pops stand upright, poke the end of the treat stick into a piece of styrofoam.


7. Coat the Dreidels

Dip the dreidels in the sugar melts, twisting them so that all four sides and the top are covered.

dip dreidel

Shake off any extra melted candy by tapping the stick against the bowl’s rim. As you tap the stick, rotate it to take an equal quantity of melted candy from all four sides.

tap stick

If you wish to add sprinkles to the cake pops while the candy melts are still liquid, now is the time to do so. Sprinkles were eventually eliminated because they got too ungapatchka, my favorite Yiddish phrase for over-decorating.

Allow the candy coating to solidify by standing the cake pops upright in the styrofoam.

dipped dreidels

8. Roll the Fondant

Soften a ball of white fondant by kneading it and placing it on parchment paper.


Make it as thin as possible by rolling it out with a fondant roller. Use the thinnest depth guide on your fondant roller if it has one.

rolled fondant

9. Cut Fondant

Make sure your dreidels are the right size. Using a knife, cut fondant squares that are smaller than one side of a dreidel. In this case, the ones in question were roughly 3/4 inch long.


Let the fondant air dry for about 15 minutes before cutting them. Dried fondant is easier to handle without stretching.

cut fondant

For each dreidel, you’ll need four fondant squares.

fondant squares

10. Draw Hebrew Letters

On each of the four sides of a dreidel, there are four Hebrew letters: (nun), (gimel), (hei), and (shin). With a blue candy decorating pen, write one letter on each of the fondant squares.


11. Glue Fondant to Dreidel

Squeeze a little of edible glue onto a dish. Apply a thin coat of glue on the back of the fondant with a tiny paintbrush dipped in the adhesive.

edible adhesive

Place fondant squares on each of the dreidel’s four sides, ensuring that each side has a distinct Hebrew letter. The white rectangles help to distinguish the dreidels’ form and stand out against the blue background.


Make a large quantity of these dreidel cake pops. It will truly be a Hanukkah miracle if they live longer than eight nights.

dreidel cake pops

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