Hackers have threatened to release 112GB of Gigabyte private documents.

On Friday, August 6, Gigabyte revealed that a limited number of its servers had been targeted by the ransomware organization RansomEXX. According to TechPowerUp, a total of 112GB of secret data was taken, with much of it belonging to major corporations such as Intel, AMD, and AMI.

Gigabyte hacked

According to the screenshot of the ransom message, the hackers sought to talk with someone authorized to act on Gigabyte’s behalf, and any communication from other parties would result in the price being hiked. There’s no news on how much money the hackers demanded, but reports claim that Gigabytes acted quickly to isolate the hijacked servers from the network and enlist the help of local law authorities to oversee the critical next steps.

The matter has subsequently been fixed, according to a Gigabyte spokesperson who spoke with Money UDM. Because of collaboration between Gigabyte and “technical professionals from a number of other information security businesses,” all affected systems are now operational (translated from Chinese).

According to the report, Gigabyte retaliated with rapid defensive cyber attacks and has since examined its architecture, enhancing its network security to protect against future attacks. This is all excellent news, but the hackers could still have the private documents in their possession and be plotting to release them to the public.

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