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Grand M is a Malian artist and entertainer who came to fame as a result of his unique laugh and facial expression.

Mohamed Nantoume is his true name. His stage moniker, Grand M., is derived from a joke mocking his tall, and the M from his adoration for Lionel Messi, with whom he was associated when playing football in his neighborhood.

He went famous after a buddy uploaded a video of him laughing, with a laugh so contagious that it was quickly copied in hundreds of memes and humorous videos.

He has no physical limitations; he was just born a Pygmy. He is exceedingly short as a result of this.

He has yet to announce whether or whether he is in a relationship. However, according to many reports, he does have a girlfriend who he hasn’t exposed to the world.

He entered the comedy scene as an antidote to the bullying he faced as a result of his illness. This, along with his wit, helped him channel his gift, and he is now something of a social media sensation, with over 1.3 million Instagram followers alone. In less than a year, he surpassed 800,000 followers, and even Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin mentioned him in an Instagram post.

The Malian musician’s debut track, Messi, was published lately and has already received over 200 thousand listens on digital platforms.

Grand M Net worth

He is one of Mali’s wealthiest celebrities, with a net worth estimated to be approximately $500,000.He makes his money via stand-up comedy, which has been his main source of income for a long time.

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Grand M Social Media handles

He is on all the popular social media networks we have and you can follow his original account and network with him.

FACEBOOK: Grand M Official

TWITTER:  @GrandOfficiel


Email contact:


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