Ghana’s Apio Takes Over The Intra-African Trade Fair 2021 In South Africa, Durban

At the just ended Intra African Trade Fair held in Durban, Nanini distilleries ltd had the honor of showcasing their most prized product, APIO.

The fair was aimed at boosting investments in the continent as well as promoting sustainable trade within the Region.
The local Gin many refer to as ‘Akpeteshie’ has been packaged and bottled with an alcoholic content of 52% double distilled palm wine, it comes in 4 different ranges which is the Classic, Cinnamon, Mint and Honey-ginger.

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Apio quickly gained the attention of potential investors, and the keen admiration of both fellow exhibitors and partakers, it is safe to say Apio has put Ghana on a very high pedestal, and certainly given the country a concrete opportunity for trade.

The Apio exhibition stand attracted very high profiles who congratulated the craftsmanship and distinctive taste of the organic drink that we call ‘The Spirit of Ghana’

As part of the growth and expansion of Apio, Nanini Distilleries aims to achieve excellence by being a leading brand to elevate the standards of the beverage industry in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.
KUDOS to Nanini Distilleries and Kudos to GHANA.


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