Dr. Cann talks ‘juju’, jealousy, backbiting in media

Dr Cann

Radio cast Journalist with Global Media Alliance Francis Ebo Cann, regularly recognized as Dr. Cann, has promised never to allow any of his children to take to his job as a full-time career.

A dad of three boys, Dr. Cann, affirmed to Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM’s entertainment gossip show Anigye Mmre

Despite recognizing that his children are interested in his profession, he will not allow them to ply it full time.

He believed that his boys could be medical doctors or be in any field, but if they have a radio passion, it must be part-time and not full-time because of his experience as a radio presenter.

“The little I have noticed in Ghana’s media industry is jealousy, backbiting, and the ‘Pull Him Down syndrome among us,” he said.

According to Dr. Cann, “when God begins to favor a radio presenter, his friends start to [be] jealous [of] him, people want to see you weeping, people desire to see you down, and I can tell you ‘Juju’ is at working in this our media.”

He further unveiled that “it doesn’t only depend on your colleagues at your workplace but even other friends working in other radio stations. They will see you as an intimidation [and] will work on you spiritually”.

Dr. Cann, who is currently the entertainer of Happy FM’s entertainment talk show, has served with Sunrise FM in Koforidua, GBC Radio in Accra, and Radio Winbay in Winneba.

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