Court Sentences Commercial Worker For Biting Customer

Court Sentences Commercial Sex Worker For Biting Customer. Ivy Chukumaka , a commercial sex worker was sentenced to four years in prison by Upper West Area Court, for biting a customer’s tongue during sex.

Ivy was accused of assault and causing great bodily harm.

Ms Rose Antwi, the Magistrate condemned Ivy on Thursday September 30, after she pleaded guilty and informed the court that she bit Mr Amoah Maxwell  in self-defense.

In her ruling, Ms Rose Antwi gave Ivy the option of cleaning the courtroom for a week.

Earlier, Insp Veronica Shaagee, the Police Prosecutor, told the court that the convict was arrested on September 28.

Mr Maxwell Amoah, Shaagee’s client, had his tongue bit during intercourse at the Hotel according to Shaagee.

Maxwell picked up Ivy in Ladies Park and gave her Ghc50 for the night, she claimed.

Maxwell wanted more time with her outside of the money he spent, but she declined, according to Ivy.

”My Lord, he smacked me in the face. She explained, “I bit him in self-defense.”



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