Confusion at Jamestown Fire Training Centre over recruitment

In an attempt to restore order at the Ghana National Fire Service’s James Town Fire Training Centre, where current recruitment is taking place, officials had to resort to what they called “minimal force” to maintain discipline.

Thousands of people flocked to the location on Tuesday morning to be screened into the Service, which resulted in near-chaos.

“They were proving stubborn,” a possible recruit told 3FM Sunrise anchor Alfred Ocansey after arriving at the location at 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

“They ordered them to push back, but they refused, so they used the baton to force them back in order to impose discipline in them and the area.”

“I arrived at 1 a.m., and there were approximately 500 people in the queue at that period,” she explained.
“They’re sitting on the ground because there isn’t a chair, so they requested us to join them.” Some of us were invited to select rubbers and sachets.”

“I stayed in a guest house for a while and returned at 1 a.m.,” the possible recruit added. I don’t have a telephone number. I’m just waiting in line, and they’re now taking care of those who couldn’t get in.”

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