Clubhouse incorporates spatial audio to create a realistic soundscape.

Clubhouse has announced that the social app will now have spatial audio, which will provide users with a more authentic acoustic experience.

Users will be able to use the functionality, which was unveiled on August 29, as part of the app’s default settings.

Clubhouse noted in a blog post that spatial audio makes the output sound as though chat room participants are in the same room.

It explained, “When you’re in the audience, you’ll now hear the people around you in 3D, which makes the experience a little more lifelike and human.”

Subtle spatial signals also make it easier for your brain to track who is speaking.”

The app’s feature, according to Clubhouse, works best when used with headphones.

If users want to return to the original sound mode, they can disable the option in the app settings.

Clubhouse isn’t the only tech business that has introduced new audio features in recent months.

Apple stated in May that Apple Music would include spatial and lossless audio enhancements. Subscribers have access to the features at no additional cost.

iOS users can now listen to spatial audio in Clubhouse. According to the company, it will be available for Android devices in the near future.

The spatial audio system used by Clubhouse assigns each speaker a precise place before equally dispersing them throughout the space. HRTFs, or head-related transfer functions, are then employed to make it appear as if you’re in the middle of a conversation, similar to what we’ve seen with Microsoft’s HoloLens. Clubhouse’s implementation lacks Apple’s head tracking, which makes audio from Netflix and Apple TV Plus episodes appear to come from your playback device as your head moves.

Clubhouse debuted in March 2020 (together with COVID in the United States!). Because of its initial invite-only exclusivity, similar to real-world club membership, it became a huge thing to a select few. It was a small society back then, mostly made up of venture capitalists.

After all, Alpha Exploration Co., the firm behind Clubhouse, secured a $12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz after only two months of operation. It was rapidly valued at $100 million, despite the fact that it had just 1,500 subscribers at the time. (Clubhouse is valued at $4 billion as of April 2021.)

How do I acquire access to the Clubhouse?

You must be invited to join by an existing Clubhouse user who will give you access to set up an account. An invitee will receive a link through text message to their phone number that will take them directly to the app’s sign-up page.

Nevertheless, Clubhouse users can’t just invite anyone they want to join. Existing users are initially limited to two invites.

Clubhouse is available on iOS and Android right now. It was first released on iOS last year, and in early May, the company began a US-only Android rollout. It’s now available for Android users all across the world. In less than two weeks, the Android version had surpassed one million downloads.


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