BLACK REVIVAL: Black artistic expression in the contemporary moment is replete with contributions from indigenous artists, self-taught artists, amateur performers and those whose scholarly explorations provide platforms for interrogating ideas and theoretical foundations.

This year’s theme is strategically centered within Afrocentric paradigms and aims to foster conversations concerning African Art Liberation and the place of the youth in such debates.

The Black Art Street Festival 2021 aims to revive and restore African creative expressions through liberating aesthetic ideologies. We take inspiration from past African traditions and cultural values not out of an empty idealism but as inspiration for building a sustainable future for new generations of Africans.

While Black Art Revival will forever be an ongoing discussion, this call offers themes that range from the abstract, abstruse, spiritual/metaphysical, tangible and intangible art elements or expressions.

BASFEST 2021 is inviting artists to participate in this year’s festival as African cultural ambassadors to reinvent Africa’s past through:

1. Body Performance and Movement
2. Oratorical art
3. Art, Abjection and Repulsion
4. African Mysticism
5. Body aesthetics
6. African Painting Traditions
7. Art as a Liberation Tool
8. Dance, Music and identity politics
9. Shapes, Forms and Colours
10. Black Fashion trends
11. Art, Agency and Power
12. Black Lens: Film, Photography and New Media
13. Black Fashion trends
14. Emerging Discourses in Black Art “re” presentation
15. The place of Sankofa in decolonization
16. African symbolism
17. African Futurism – a look into African technological and artistic future

(Artistic works that may align with the themes above but are not limited to only these).

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