As the technical test for Battlefield 2042 begins, gameplay leaks.

The first technical test for Battlefield 2042 has begun, and despite the test being under a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits the posting of pictures or video of the game in play, it didn’t take long for leaked footage of the game to surface online.

The leaked films show off new gadgets, vehicles, and the new “Plus” menu, which allows players to personalize their weapons in the middle of a conflict.

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The first technical test will be offered to chosen gamers who have signed up for an EA Playtesting profile from August 12 to 16, within particular three-hour slots each day. The test is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and PlayStation 5, with the complete game arriving on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year. The test would be intended to gather “intelligence on our fundamental gameplay loop, technical performance, and stability,” according to email invitations given to technical test participants, who were also reminded that the test was under a strong NDA.

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The technical test for Battlefield 2042 is a far cry from the first multiplayer test for Halo Infinite, which saw developer 343 Industries asking gamers to post screenshots and produce movies about the still-in-development shooter. Battlefield 2042 will have an open beta in September, with gamers who preorder the game getting first access.


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