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About InformedGh

Informedgh is a recognized media agency that provides information, digital concepts, and innovations to deliver accurate information about Ghana in the areas of entertainment, celebrity gossip, health and relationship advice, and, of course, politics and social issues.

The information we provide is intended to educate, entertain, and improve the reader’s overall well-being, and it is produced by a group of dedicated individuals whose major goal is to help people become happier and healthier.

Informedgh is a reliable source of entertainment, dating advice, and health information. We also educate and bring to your door the daily health issues and awareness news that is trending around the world.


Everyone, whether a person, a family, or a community, has a right to accurate news that aids ineffective health care. As a result, this incorporates trustworthy information every day, everywhere, and at any time. Informedgh supports and promotes the health rights of those affected, helps build capacity to improve general health, and enhances natural health policy initiatives focused on available, safe, and quality care using volunteers and the media through regular online information, interactions, and engagements.



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