5 Intriguing Ways to Determine Whether Your Crush Is Secretly Interested in You

Determine Whether Your Crush Is Secretly Interested in You

5 Intriguing Ways to Determine Whether Your Crush Is Secretly Interested in You. During periods of “singleness,” it is not unusual to encounter someone who gives you butterflies and makes you feel warm and joyful on the inside – a crush. There are several simple methods to detect whether your crush likes you: if they flirt with you, sit near you, make plans with you, and so on. Many people are sensitive to overt displays of romantic desire and may exhibit an interest in experimenting with new ways.

5 Intriguing Ways to Determine Whether Your Crush Is Secretly Interested in You


People have a tendency to imitate the catchphrases, accents, speaking tempo, and even tone of someone they want to like them. According to communication accommodation theory, we change our speech to fit the tone and mood of someone we care about. And, hey, if they’re working so hard to make you like them, it may be a sign that they already do.

What if it’s simply a fluke?

come up with a new idea You can try out some strange speech “isms” on them. Perhaps a bad dad joke or a change of phrase. Say it a couple times here and there… Watch in awe as they pick it up. It could take a week or two, but if they like you, they might attempt to utilize that term to show you how much they like your company.


People will actively modify their own speech patterns in order to appear more distinctive or desirable2. This line of thought stems from the scarcity principle, which states that if someone has a rare characteristic (for example, red hair, an accent, or emerald eyes), it makes them more attractive. If your crush emphasizes their distinct features around you, it might suggest they’re attempting to stand out!

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What if it’s simply a fluke?

That is a question that can be addressed immediately. All you have to do is keep an eye on them when they’re with other people. Does the same “accent” that they so prominently display around you fade? When they don’t believe you’re looking, do they minimize their distinctive qualities? Do these actions resurface when they suspect you’re nearby? These are signals that your crush is interested in you.


What exactly is mirroring? It is a nonverbal behavior that people engage in both consciously and subconsciously. We mimic individuals to make them feel more at ease, especially by duplicating their nonverbal movements3. This is not the same as imitating, which occurs when someone replicates your activities. Mirroring is more of a complementing habit. They cross their legs when you get up from your seat. He/she clears his/her throat as you sweep your hair back. It’s a long shot, but it does happen!

What if it’s simply a fluke?

Okay, I’ll confess that this one is a bit more difficult to tell apart from the others, especially since it’s typically done instinctively3. One approach to respond to this is to conduct some of your own mirroring. When conversing with your crush, pay great attention to him/her and purposefully react to his/her nonverbal movements. You scratch your head if he/she crosses his/her arms; if he/she stands, you lean back. That may sound strange, but it might go a long way.


This one is a bit more obvious, but while you’re with your crush’s buddies, try to pay attention to them. Do you “press” yourself on him/her? Do they inquire as to whether you’re single or who you’re interested in? Take note: If your crush’s friends like you, a relationship with this person is far more possible.

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What if it’s simply a fluke?

What does it matter? When was it ever a bad thing to have more friends? If you must put this idea to the test, consider making arrangements with your crush’s buddies while purposefully excluding him/her. It’s a positive indication if they strive to involve your crush. Bottom line: if everyone around your crush appears to like you, he or she may consider you a prospective person of interest as well!


People want predictability when it comes to starting or developing relationships. People strive for something fresh or unusual only after they have formed a relationship5. You are distinctive enough on your own in the early stages of a relationship since there is likely a great deal of knowledge about you that your admirer is unaware of. If they appear to have a regular day of the week when they meet you, it might be an excuse for them to become close to you.

What if it’s simply a fluke?

Try it out! Check to determine whether this individual intends to link the two of you with something. It may be something as simple as watching a new show every Sunday or heading to the dog park every Wednesday. The idea is that you should be on the lookout for activities like these that aim to develop regularity; they may be attempting to make a relationship!


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