30-year-old Ghanaian man stones mother to death

Her 30-year-old son bashed her head with three stones, resulting in her premature death.

The bloodbath occurred in Gindabuo, a community on the Sawla-Wa route in the Savannah Region’s Sawla District.

According to, John Banuda went insane and pursued down his mother, Rebecca Banuda Yibilena, until she fell to the ground, then stoned her to death.

According to the news website, the dead was caring for her epileptic son at a prayer camp in Nabel near Gindabuo.

John Banuda had planned to return home at midnight, but his mother persuaded him not to because it was late and the distance was too much to walk.

Despite the fact that he understood and went to sleep, he awoke on Monday night insisting on returning home.

The deceased was able to persuade him to abandon the plan once more, but he became unconscious in the process and awoke the next day acting erratically. After murdering his mother, he attacked her and fled.

According to, Sawla District Police Commander, ASP De-Graft Adjei, verified the event and stated that a hunt for John Banuda is ongoing.

He went on to say that an investigation into the occurrence has been launched, and that the deceased’s body has been deposited at the Sawla District Hospital.

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